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Triple Glazing

Bradley Scott Windows now offer a new range of Triple Glazed Windows which will become more and more essential to help you save on your fuel bills.

Whilst ourTwentyfour-seven system can achieve impressive Window Energy Ratings and U-values with double glazed units we also offer the opportunity to upgrade to triple glazed units.

Capable of achieving a U-value of 0.8 with standard specification components the Twentyfourseven
Triple Glazed solution also has the benefit of providing greatly improved acoustic performance.

These windows all have the fantastic benefits as follows:

  • Capable of achieving a U-value of 0.8 or less.
  • Improved acoustic performance.
  • Maintains slim attractive appearance of a fully sculptured system.
  • Full range of hardware available to order with the profile.
  • Can be used in a wide range of window and door styles including casement, tilt/turn, pivot, French, residential doors and tilt/slide patio doors.
  • Optional RCM reinforcement.
  • Available in white, Rosewood and Light Oak from stock and the full range of Options foils available to order.

The need to improve environmentally has made us look at the need to offer our clients a better thermally efficiency product, better sound reduction and better security. Energy prices have risen over the last 3 years by in excess of 13% in electricity and 27% in gas prices. (info from

Therefore, there has never been a better time to consider replacing any existing windos, doors and even conservatories that are not Energy Eficient. Our windows are BFRC 'B' rated as standard, with a cost effective option to upgrade to an 'A' rated window, which give you substantial savings on your heating bills!

We are now one of the first companies to offer a triple glazing option that makes our products even more thermally efficient and also improves on noise reduction.

  'U' Value Noise Reduction Security Upgrade
Standard A or
B Rated Windows
1.5 31db N/A
28mm Triple
Glazed Windows
(20% more efficient)
(3% more efficient)
44mm Triple
Glazed Windows
(46% more efficient)
(3% more efficient)


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